Since 1929, the Gateway Corkball Club has been the standard for corkball in St. Louis and across the country. The Gateway Corkball Club combines the baseball skills of pitching, catching, and hitting with the traditional corkball 1.5″ barrel bat and 6.5″ around/1.6 oz corkball.

Besides being the oldest corkball club in the world, Gateway Corkball is unique because it has its own private clubhouse (which is adjacent to its three corkball fields), its rules allow for doctoring of the corkball (spit balls are legal), and it possesses a homerun fence and its own monster wall (the blue monster).

At the Gateway Corkball Club, corkball continues to be played by generations of corkball enthusiasts from 21 to 81 years of age. The Gateway Corkball Club is proud to promote itself as a highly competitive league, so much so that in 2006 and 2008, Gateway representatives won the World Fuzzball Championships.

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